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How To Use Facebook For Business

Not just for game requests anymore! 

We all know Facebook is one of the best ways to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances. But it is just as useful, if not more so, for businesses. As someone who has worked in Facebook marketing for over 5 years I can tell you people on a whole do not know how much they could improve their social media presence. Facebook is not something you can learn overnight but there are steps you can take today, with under one hour of work, to better your businesses’ online persona immediately.

Facebook Page. Not personal profile

When you log into your facebook profile it comes up with your name on the top right. If you log into that and see YourBusiness NameHere stuffed into two spaces, then that is a facebook profile, not a page. As it may seem if someone ‘friends’ you, they may be more interested in your services but that is not entirely the case. When people ‘friend’ a business they usually already know you. People, generally, don’t like adding strangers to see their personal information and pictures. When you ‘Create a Page’ people can ‘like’ your business. You don’t get access to their personal information but they can come and see you and everything you have to offer.

Shop feature

On Facebook pages there is an option to ‘tag’ your products in posts and pictures. So lets say you sell RV’s. If someone buys this month they get a set of free tires for their new RV. You take a picture of the new vehicles on the lot and post it to Facebook. You can ‘tag’ the photo with a product that says ‘4 free tires with purchase’. You have to go to the shop section of Facebook, and fill in the information to be able to tag products. But now, if someone shares the post of the vehicles to their friends, it will come up with the extra ‘product’ tag about the free tires! It works the same way for E-Commerce sites. You post a picture of you and some friends wearing some t-shirts from your site. You can tag the t-shirt and specific color or style on each of your friends. You wear the regular red tee, so tag that on yourself. Your friend has a v-neck in purple and you tag that product on them. It makes it easy for someone to see the picture, see the shirt they want, and immediately be sent to your website to order it.

Regular Posts

Do not just post once a month. You need to post fairly often to stay relevant to your customers and to stay at the top of the Facebook algorithms. The algorithm change fairly often but what seems to stay the same is constant posts and constant engagement with posts keeps them being seen more often. So post some products on Monday, post a picture of your office on Tuesday, post a quote on Wednesday and so on. But be sure to always tag a product in these posts, too!

Automatic Message Replies

Go to settings on your page on the top right under your cover photo. Then on the left, go to ‘messaging’. Click the icon to turn on ‘message assistant’. There you can set up a prewritten response to any message you receive. Facebook puts a banner on the side of your page that says how long it takes to reply to messages. If you use the automatic response feature you can keep your banner at 100% replies and in a quick time. Its also great to give some frequently asked questions in the auto message. “Hey thanks for messaging Melly’s Mini Monkey Stuffed Animals! We have all the monkey stuffed animals you could want! Make sure to check out our website at mellysminimonkeystuffedanimals.com to order. Yes, we ship worldwide! If you need a quick answer please call Jenny at 555-867-5309. We can’t wait to speak to you! ” This is a great way to save yourself some time and help your customers quickly!

These are just a few steps you can take to make your Facebook page look even more professional. Your customers will notice!

*Originally posted on BadScienceJokes.com

February 2018

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