• Melissa Miller

What I'm Obsessed With-Health Edition

This year I was focused on getting healthy. (As almost everyone else is the first week of January. )

To get the most out of my workouts I was referred to purchase a smartwatch of some sort. I purchased the Apple Watch series 3, as I am a fan of other Apple products. After messing around with it for a full day I returned it to the store. I always have my cell phone in my pocket so having a watch with all the same capabilities as a phone seemed rather useless to me. I, also, was looking for something more focused on health. With the refund I purchased the Garmin VivoMove HR in rose gold. I was never one to wear watches, but this watch has not left my wrist since I purchased it.

The VivoMove HR has an analog style watch face. Most people I show the watch to don't realize that this is a smartwatch until it turns on a notification of some sort.

VivoMove HR styles

This watch pairs with the Garmin Connect app on your smartphone via bluetooth. It can track your sleep, stress, heart rate, phone notifications, steps, weather, and so much more. The most important features to me are the calories burned and stress level segments. In complete honesty, I do not use half of the features this watch has. I turn off my phone notifications and only have the watch alert me when I have been sitting for too long, or hit a goal I programmed in the app (like steps, stairs climbed, etc). I use it as a regular old watch until I have time to go through the data the watch has described to me throughout the day.

The app tracks everything I need to know about my fitness, plus some. It will tell me, down to the hour, how many steps I walked, how many calories burned, how well I slept, how many times I woke up in the night, and my averages. I did not know how often I tossed at night and even noticed some sleepwalking due to this app! It has been a huge help in figuring out what I do in my daily routine that burns the most calories for my body.

The Garmin VivoMove HR and my membership at LifeTime Athletic Club has put me on a new path to wellness. LifeTime has an amazing membership program that gives me access to hundreds of different fitness classes and access to any of their gyms in the country. The membership can get pricey sitting, on average, at $150 a month. If you want to try them out without putting all the money down first- tell them I sent 'ya! All you would need to do is click here and find your local club. Call the location you would like to tour, and give them my membership number '109473291'. That way they will give you a special tour of the facility!

Health is a way of life. People like me, who really love carbs, need some extra help now

Notice my wrist?

and then. I highly suggest trying out a Garmin VivoMove HR to keep track of your workouts and fitness goals. I have made jokes to my family already,

'All of you are getting the Garmin watch for Christmas!'

It was met with a smile and a shrug,

'I'm okay with that!'

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