• Melissa Miller

Starting Over

Here I am,

It's almost 10am. I'm still in my pajamas. Sitting cross-legged on my bed. I can't drink or eat due to the 'strep throat' illness I have caught. My life came to a crashing halt just a couple days ago.

I went on vacation with my boyfriend a week and a half ago. We fought a bit. I figured everything was fine until he broke up with me a few days after we got back. I was devastated. I won't lie- I cried and cried and.... well. I think my agony caused me to contract strep. Lowered my immune system by my body being so weak and dehydrated. My eyes were so swollen I couldn't open my lids all the way. That's how hard I was crying... I felt entirely broken.

Around the time I met the man above, I had started a new job paying me literally double what I was being paid previously. I didn't realize the amount of stress this job would cause. So, I am waiting until my illness is over to quit. I was afraid to leave-live with my folks and start over. But, I cannot go back to that place... I have never been so abused in a work environment before. The money doesn't matter if I come home crying every night.

I have a new plan, now.

I am going to work further on BSJ for the next month. Work out. Take a little 'me-time'. Then, I am going to look for work in California for social media marketing/management. I will use the fame of BSJ to advertise my want to work. See if I get any bids. I want to start over. I have proven experience in this field and someone may give me a shot in this big, scary, world.

(Also why I am starting a blog. I need to show how I write)

Fingers crossed

Photo from vacation-

They SAID no flash photography...

Well- I took a photo with Flash.

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