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Tips for managing multiple social media accounts

As I am currently working with an agency, I have had to take on more social media profiles than I ever had. Currently? I have 74 accounts on different platforms to take care of on a daily basis. All of these accounts are for restaurants across the United States (with one hotel thrown in the mix). I have never managed that many accounts and never managed a restaurant or hotel's profile. And neither did the other people they hired previously. This company had been conned by a smooth-talking fellow who bragged about his "500 followers on Instagram"- Almost verbatim to what I described in my previous blog post. They were hesitant about hiring someone new and needed immediate assurance of my skill. Here are the things I learned in order to 'prove myself' to these new colleges.


Whether it is scheduling posts online or creating a calendar of events, you need some sort of system to manage your time. If you are anything like me, you get distracted by whatever is "trending" on social media and find myself in a hole 30 pages away from where I had started. Depending on how many accounts you have to manage, you may want to schedule posts for months down the road. Currently, all of my clients are scheduled for 1 month so they have the chance to review all posts in one easy package. Do not forget, your clients may have special events or something specific to their industry you may need to post within a short period of time. Scheduling as far in advance as possible helps you to find time to appease the "busier" clients.


As much as I would love to give 100% to each of my clients, I just cannot do that. I am in charge of 74 accounts with no help. So, priorities come into play. Am I going to spend all of my time inviting people to like a page that has 1,000+ likes or invite people to the page with 80 likes? As you get to know your clients better and how their audience interacts with your content, you will be able to find an appropriate 'groove'. Just as in school, it's the morning of two big assignments. One class you have 95% and the other you have a 65%. Which are you going to put last-minute effort into?

Obviously, do not take advantage of any client you have. Paying or otherwise! If there is too much of a workload; begin to talk with your employer or begin to let your clients know of potentially ending your professional relationship. It is more important that your clients get more than what they pay for- so don't be that company, the one that takes and takes and never delivers.

Time Management

This could be referenced in either of the paragraphs above but, I felt it needed its own.

When you are dealing with so many deadlines and clients pulling you in every direction, you need to know exactly how you will handle your day-to-day. Instead of spending so much time clicking the INVITE button to people who liked your posts, start replying to customer's messages to the page. Maybe, only INVITE people on Fridays when you know you are ready to do literally anything else. Like I mentioned in scheduling, you want a calendar. You may want multiple calendars. I have a calendar of events for all my locations, for my meetings, and for posting per platform. I somehow still add a 10 minute walk around my office building while keeping all my clients happy.


If you are managing profiles on Instagram you may want to use a tool that allows scheduling. Are you going to use a laptop or a tablet? A cell-phone?!

A computer is going to be your best friend when it comes to efficiency. You can download apps like Gramblr or Jarvee for scheduling on Instagram. Or, you can set aside X amount of time a day to using a mobile device to manually post every post for your client. I will let you know, having over 20 Instagram accounts does make the mobile device option far scarier. I literally do everything else in my queue prior to doing Instagram posting- It's a complete pain! So, we need to take steps to make this easier.

Using a program?

Set aside plenty of time (maybe even a couple days) to set up as many posts as possible. Do not go to your next task until you set up posts for 2-6 weeks. You will thank yourself when it's time to start rescheduling things for Facebook.

Using Mobile Devices?

Instagram allows up to 5 alternate accounts to be stored in one person's device. If you have more than 5 accounts you're going to need to log in and out multiple times. Keep a copy of your alternate log-ins in an easy to click place on your device. I use an excel sheet with all my client's login information. I leave my excel app right next to Instagram and just switch between pages as I copy and paste the information into the log-in screen. This will be the cheapest option, by far. Although, it may not be as time-effective as using an application.

Personally, I would suggest not having a single person managing this many accounts unless they were for the same business (ie: franchises of the same brand). Unless you want to dedicate 10+ hours a day to working, find someone to help you manage these accounts or get rid of some clients. When someone comes to you for help in marketing they want to increase their sales. Bottom line. If you are just going to be another expense for someone who is already close to closing; don't do it. Social media marketing can have a very powerful effect on a business. Don't screw someone over by biting off more than you can chew.

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