• Melissa Miller

Tweeting your business

People love following their favorite companies on Twitter now for the funny and engaging content they bring.

Small businesses, on the other hand, are so afraid of creating a company 'attitude' online. I was once told by a C.E.O. that responding to clients in a tongue in cheek manner could, and I quote, have them 'lose government contracts'. This was brought up after someone tweeted how much they wanted their product and my suggested tweet of a Christina Aguilera gif on The Voice dancing and saying 'we want you!'. I will always happily take the businesses owners suggestions for what they want their brand to be, but you cannot live in the mindset that engaging with clients one on one will be derogatory. Especially in a harmless manner like the one described.

Take the food chain Wendy's for example.

Wendy's has become an icon for social media marketing, and you may not believe why. Wendy's is using their platform to 'roast' their clients.

Roasting is a term used to imply teasing in a friendly tone. Bloggers have taken tweets from Wendy's and made 'best of' lists and Youtube videos all about the starpower Wendy's has brought to Twitter. That is free advertising for their business! Essentially, each retweet and share is helping your business be seen by X amount of people more than you had before. The funnier, or more relateable, the better. If we just figured low and said that the average Twitter user has 100 followers, and your tweet recieved 10 retweets, that's potentially 1,000 more people seeing your brand!

With the company I mentioned earlier, I showed them the difference between the standard Twitter business page and a 'fun' Twitter page. Within 4 days, the 'fun' page had 4 times as much engagement as the main page did even with 33% less followers! The fun page posted about the brand but also added in talking to customers, chatting about industry related happenings, and more. So, the fun page was not merely one long advertisement for their company. People do not like advertisements clogging up their feeds.

Do not be afraid to show a human side to your business. Sit down with your team and decide what you want the 'voice' of your company to sound like. Are you going to be snarky like Wendy? Are you going to be funny, silly, or what? You need to figure these things out before hiring a social media manager. If you do not know what you want your image to look and sound like, your posts may become inconsistent. Know what your brands values are and tie them into your social networking. Take risks and give some personality to your business! People all over the internet are enjoying these 'real' companies and it is creating big profits for them!

Tweet on!

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