• Melissa Miller

Using Pokemon Go! For Exercise

Its been slightly over two years since Pokemon Go! was released. That summer you saw hundreds and hundreds of kids walking down the sidewalks and taking in the summer sun to 'catch 'em all'. Due to the issues and bugs when it was first released, people gave up on the app rather quickly. Going from a worldwide phenomenon to an app you leave on your phone for nostalgia rather than use.

When the app was originally released I was one to take photos with my Pokemon via the AR (agumented reality) settings. Others spent days, with little sleep, trying to catch every Pokemon their region had. Now, the app is almost a different game. You can battle Pokemon in gyms and raid battles. Trading is allowed now. And hundreds of new characters have been added.

If you are familiar with the game, it tracks how far you walk while the app is open. The 'eggs' you collect all have a milage you must reach in order to 'hatch' the 'egg'. These range from 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) to 10 kilometers (6.2 miles). Knowing that a healthy step goal for humans is 10,000 steps a day... That translates to almost 5 miles. Which could hatch a good majority of your Pokemon eggs! Using your app to keep track of your steps is a fun and interesting new way to exercise. As you walk, you will run into other Pokemon, PokeStops, and other locations of importance in the game. No matter where in the world you are!

If you are having trouble reaching your goals, I highly suggest using Pokemon Go! to change up your routine. If you set out every evening after work to hatch one egg in your game, you would walk a minimum of a mile a day. That's not including your walking throughout the day!

I have recently changed my diet and began walking with Pokemon Go! daily. I have lost 10lbs in less than 3 weeks! I put 50% of my weight loss on the game and the remaining on my new diet. Not only have I been doing far better in the Pokemon world, but each trek I go on I can go further and longer than the time before. And finding a Pokemon to catch is a great excuse to sit down and rest if the summer heat is too much.

It may not be as 'cool' as it was to be caught playing Pokemon Go!. But you know what is always cool? Trying to better your health. Using the Pokemon Go! app to reach your step goals is a cute and interactive way to a healthier you. Try to involve your friends and family to join the fun with you! There is a family near me, I see constantly, riding their bikes and catching Pokemon. A mother, father, son about 8, and a daughter around 5, all on their bikes riding the neighborhood. It's beautiful to see a family staying active together and making it seem like play! Maybe ride your bikes and grab a healthy dinner on your trip! It's all up to you!

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