• Melissa Miller

When do I call it quits?

Life can get scary. What do I do? Should I move back in with my parents? Should I move out? Should we break up? Should I get regular or large fries?!

Life comes at you fast. Take a moment and ask yourself the following questions. These will help prepare you for a decision you can trust.

Pro's and Con's- what could happen?

Look, every decision we make in life will come with pro's and con's. Write them down. Write the most extreme of both! The best of the best and worst of the worst.

For a quick example-Let's say I want to move out of my parent's house. A con could be 'can't use family as an excuse not to go out with friends and stay home'.

Who would be hurt by my decision?

We have many people in our lives, even when we feel alone. Tell me; will you be hurting anyone with your decision? Will it affect your family, friends, neighbors, community? Be serious now. A small event or idea can make an upset to many if not thought out properly. Or will you be hurt by your decision? It may sound enticing now. But will it continue to be this enticing in a few weeks?

Am I financially/emotionally prepared?

Are you ready for the outcome? Either way. Can you afford this? Can you afford it on a ramen noodle diet? Will this put you in a negative headspace? Will this put others in a negative headspace?

Is this really up to me?

Does anyone else have a say in this matter? Be sure to ask them for advice and not take the bull by the horns and do it alone. Making a big choice without getting someone else involved -who should be involved- can crush the other party. Be careful when deciding.

Do I have the power to follow-through?

Be true to yourself now. Are you flakey? Are you going to make a big stink about moving to Ohio and then at the train-station you give up and go back home? Can you make this dream become a reality?

It's ok to not know the answers.

Figure out what it is that you want and take these questions to build a plan that works. The first step to doing something outside your comfort zone is to realize it is uncomfortable.

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